Apartment Moving

There is a lot more planning when you have to move from or to the apartment building. You can plan everything by yourself, or you can let San Diego Movers And Packers take care of everything for you.

Our standard service is the same for any type of move that we take – our professional movers and packers will disassemble and assemble back your furniture with our tools. Everything will be safely wrapped up and protected from any damage during the transport. You won’t have to pack your hanging clothes because we will have wardrobe boxes where you can place your hangers. If you need packing assistance, we can take care of that as well.

The reason we are the best movers in San Diego is that we will ask you about any special requests from your building management or landlord and we will make sure to fulfill it. Free of charge we can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. If you have an elevator that needs to be protected during the move, consider it done. Even if you don’t have an elevator, we don’t charge anything for using stairs or long hallways. If you have any heavy items, just let us know so we can be prepared for the move, we won’t charge you for handling them. When it comes to dates and time, we will try to be flexible. That is why we are available 7 days a week.

Our sales representatives will guide you through your booking process, which is quite simple. We will explain in detail what kind of service you will get and you will be provided with your affordable and all inclusive rate. Moving insurance is included in our price because we want you to feel safe and secure during your apartment move.
Put your trust in us and satisfaction is guaranteed!

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