Commercial Moving

We know how much we value our business, so we can relate that relocation of a business is never an easy task. There is a lot of planning and organizing. Even finding a perfect moving date is a complicated task so your business doesn’t suffer. San Diego Movers and Packers can not only relocate your business, but plan your move for you.

From the moment you reach out to us, you will have your designated sales representative that will see what you need and offer the right moving service to you. When it comes to the office move, flexibility on behalf of moving company is very important.

We will try our best to find the best possible solution and to customize the moving service for your needs. We will send you the moving quote as well, so you can have time to think about it. If your office building has some special request that a moving company should fulfill, let us know and we will try to meet it.

Our standard service includes service of disassembly and assembly of your furniture, wrapping up everything with specialized moving blankets and plastic wrap in order everything arrives to your new location in one piece and without any scratch. Even insurance is included in the price because we are licenced local movers. In case you would like us to assist with packing, no problem, just let us know ahead of time.

San Diego movers and packers are at your service 7 days a week. Reach to us and we will provide you with our affordable and all-inclusive rates. No hidden fees or charges for fuel, mileage or double drive time fee. If you have anything that is excessively heavy, long hallways or flights of stairs, that won’t be charged extra. Safety and time efficiency are our number one priority.

Local Moving